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Gutter Guards and Screens - Are They Expensive?

A gutter guard is typically a small piece of equipment you install to cover the gutters in your yard. Gutter guards from Freeman Exteriors prevent water from entering and prevent large pieces of debris from entering the gutters. Gutter guards come in several styles to fit each house. Whatever style of gutter protectors you select, your house will benefit from certain advantages. Here are just some of them.

Gutter screens are a great option for protecting your gutter systems. If left un-screened, they can easily be clogged, which can lead to a leak. Twigs, leaves, pine cones, needles and other debris can easily enter into the openings of the screens. When these pieces of debris are allowed to stay in the holes of the screens, they can rot and attract mold and mildew which can ultimately cause damage to the interior of your home.

A-M Aluminum 5 guards are lightweight aluminum construction, which is able to protect the openings from being clogged. They are built using a patented compression design. This design ensures that the panels are compressed together but won't actually get stuck together. The lightweight aluminum construction also means that it can easily be installed on most types of surface. See here for additional information on gutter guards.

When it comes to gutter guards for the roof, twigs and leaves are some of the biggest problems homeowners encounter. Leaves and twigs often attach themselves to the lower edges of the gutters, becoming almost a permanent fixture there. The presence of these twigs and leaves on the roof make cleaning out your gutters very difficult which can eventually lead to damage to the shingles and the roof itself.

Gutters are designed to keep debris and leaves out by catching them in their gutter channel and funneling them away so you don't have to clean the gutters as often. Unfortunately, some types of debris such as pine needles, and needles from shrubbery can break off the bark of the shrubs and make their way into the channels of the gutter. With any type of debris, even dirt, there is the potential for them to stick their way into the channels and clog them. Gutter cleaners can help you to keep debris from becoming a problem in the future.

While rain gutters to protect the structure of the roof, they do not prevent additional damage to the structure in the form of leaks. Without proper protection, you could end up having to replace the structure. Rain gutters screens are expensive and more expensive than the average screen would be. This is due in part to the material they are made from, which is typically aluminum, as well as the labor hours involved to install them. In the long run, the cost of these types of gutter guards and screens will definitely pay for themselves due to the money saved on repairs. These can also last for decades.

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